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Renting with HouseME

For tenants who want tools to rent a property stress-free

HouseME has built a digital platform to make renting easier and more affordable for you. We help you find and bid on a home, apply securely, and let you put down just one month’s deposit, set a flexible deposit payment plan or pay no deposit at all! All for SA’s lowest rental admin fee.

Rental home using a digital rental agency

How does renting with HouseME work?

How to rent through HouseME digital renting specialists
  • Sign up with HouseME

    Register on HouseME for free. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll send matching homes your way. Or head to any online marketplace and simply search ‘HouseME’ to browse what’s available.

  • Schedule viewings online

    Found something you’re interested in? Respond to the ad to stay up to date on its price, what’s included and what’s not. Plus you can book a convenient viewing time with the click of a button.

  • Complete your admin online

    Do everything online and paperless – from making a competitive offer on the property to the actual application form. Sign your lease and choose between one month’s deposit, a flexible deposit payment plan or no deposit at all.

  • Move in to your new home

    HouseME will be there every step of the way – payments happen securely and online. We even help with speedy maintenance response and future lease renewals.

What are the benefits of renting with HouseME?

It takes about 2 minutes to sign up with HouseME, and you'll have access to easy, paperless renting. Visit your online property dashboard to schedule viewings, place your bid on the property of your dreams, and submit your application. All payments happen securely and online, plus your data remains protected by law. There’s no safer way to rent.

Agencies generally charge an average application fee of over R900. At HouseME, we're able to automate most of the rental process and pass those savings back on to you. Our admin fee is only R350. Plus, it is only charged once you successfully start the lease, and we won't charge you again if you renew the lease. 

Most landlords and agencies ask for two and sometimes even three months' deposit upfront. Who has that kind of cash lying around? HouseME asks for just one month’s deposit. If there is no damage to the property, you get the full amount back at the end of the lease, plus interest.

At HouseME, we understand that moving can be expensive. That's why we're constantly developing innovative products especially for tenants. Our DepositFREETM option allows you to pay a little extra on your rent each month in exchange for not putting down a deposit at all. Our DepositFLEXTM option allows you to split your deposit payment over a time period of your choice, in exchange for a minimal usage fee.

HouseME has partnered with SA's best network of professional and vetted tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, and locksmiths. You can log your maintenance requests online, and we'll save you the hassle of cash payments, back-and-forth communication with your landlord, and the pain of finding a reliable maintenance partner.

How much does renting with HouseME cost?

R 350


Our admin fee is only charged once you successfully start the lease, and we won’t charge you again if you renew the lease.

Click DepositFREE™ or DepositFLEX™ for pricing info on our additional products for tenants

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