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For tenants who want the flexibility of splitting the deposit amount over a period of your choice

Renting isn’t easy, especially when you have to come up with the rent as well as two months’ security deposit, all in one go. That’s why HouseME has come up with a tenant-friendly solution that allows you to make a flexible deposit payment plan, in exchange for a minimal usage fee.

How to split your rental deposit payment over several months

How does DepositFLEX™ renting work?

How to get a flexible deposit payment plan
  • Find your home

    Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll send matching homes your way, or head to any online marketplace and simply search ‘HouseME’ to browse what’s available.

  • Take a closer look

    Found something you’re interested in? Respond to the ad to stay up to date on its price, what’s included and what’s not. Plus you can book a convenient viewing time with the click of a button.

  • Apply online

    Do everything online and paperless – from making a competitive offer on the property to the actual application form. Our verifications team will let you know if you qualify for a DepositFLEX™ lease.

  • Move in

    Sign your lease and choose your flexible deposit payment plan, with a portion paid upfront and a portion paid over the course of the lease. Set up your debit order online, and once we've collected the first payment you can arrange your move-in.

  • Enjoy your new home

    During the lease we'll support you with speedy maintenance response and lease renewals. When it’s time to move out, you'll get your deposit back minus any damages that are not fair wear and tear.

What are the benefits of DepositFLEX™ renting ?

Extra cash in a time of need

By saving on the upfront cost of paying the deposit, you’ll have more cash to help you move or buy new furniture.

Secure your dream home

We understand that you could still be waiting for your deposit payout from your previous rental. Don’t miss out on your dream home because of that cash crunch.

Peace of mind

By renting DepositFLEX™, you’ll also enjoy all the other benefits of HouseME: digital application, extra low fees, secure payments, data privacy and speedy maintenance.

So how do I get DepositFLEX™?

It depends what your current rental situation is. If you’re still looking for a property, you can start by browsing HouseME’s properties, which almost all come with the DepositFLEX™ option. If you are about to sign a new lease with a property that isn’t with HouseME, you’ll need to convince the landlord to rent through HouseME. This is because with DepositFLEX™, rent collection happens through our system, which the landlord needs to agree to. The same applies if you are already living in a property and want to get your deposit back early.

Looking for a property?

Already have a property?

If you want to forego the deposit altogether,  DepositFREE™ may be a better product for you. It allows you to pay a little extra on your rent each month in exchange for not putting down a deposit at all. 

How much does DepositFLEX™ cost?


of the monthly rental for the duration of the the time period of your choice

+ our admin fee of only R350, which is only charged once you successfully start the lease, and we won’t charge you again if you renew the lease.

DepositFLEX™ can only be taken out if you pass our financial verification

Available nationwide

Frequently asked questions

To qualify for DepositFLEX™, you would need to achieve a low-risk vetting outcome.

At the end of the lease, a deposit will be secured, so any unpaid bills or damages will be offset by the deposit amount held

Unfortunately not. The number of installments is flexible and a fixed monthly Rand value is determined based on the number of installments.

It is possible to pay in the full deposit at any point, however, the monthly fee will continue for the period agreed at the start of the lease.

Yes, all HouseME properties do come with this add-on product, with the exception of our properties at the V&A Waterfront.