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Tenant services

Whether you’re struggling to pay a deposit up front, or you’re tired of the tedious pen and paper admin of securing a new home, HouseME has a digital renting solution for you.

Our flagship digital rental services

HouseME Home digital rental management

HouseME renting

Our digital platform helps you to find and bid on a home, apply securely, and put down just one month’s deposit – or none at all! We manage thousands of properties across SA, proving that the smart way to rent really is a no-brainer.

Our ground-breaking add-on rental products

Zero deposit for tenants with HouseME (2)


HouseME lets you pay a little more each month to secure your dream home without paying a security deposit at all. Landlords, in turn, take no risk as they are covered by HouseME for the value of the deposit.

Flexible deposit plans for tenants


You can also make a flexible deposit payment plan, with a portion paid upfront and a portion paid over the course of the lease. A South African first and exclusive to HouseME!