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Great, so you're still looking for a new property!

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Here are your two options:

1. Apply for a HouseME property

If you find a HouseME property that you like, simply follow the regular application process and indicate your interest in renting DepositFREE™. We’ll check if you qualify and inform you of the next steps from there. HouseME has hundreds of property listings across South Africa, so just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll send an email with matching properties your way.

2. Invite your landlord to join HouseME

 If none of our HouseME properties match your needs, and you find your dream home elsewhere, you can always invite the landlord of that property to move over to HouseME. If they agree, just give us their details by clicking below and we’ll help both of you transfer onto HouseME and check if you qualify for DepositFREE™.

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