The New Way To Rent

HouseME for Tenants

HouseME is reshaping the entire rental marketplace, for the better and for all. Not just in part, or for some. We are for great tenants. We are for fair deals. We are, truly, for you.

HouseME is entirely free to use and puts power into your hands by allowing, you, for the very first time, to rate your landlord on how he or she treats you, looks after the property, and how he or she handles his / her rental contract. Register on the website to bid and rent the place of your dreams.

How it works

Find HouseME properties using your favourite marketplace (we use Gumtree, Private Property and others) anywhere in the country. HouseME's listings on these websites are already screened and deposit-scam-free. Once you've found your dream HouseME home, get in touch and we'll register you, verify your identity and help you set up a viewing.

Unlike any archaic rental agency, we allow you to determine your rental per month through a transparent bidding mechanism. We'll also guarantee a world-class digital lease, and manage your deposit which is just one month's rent. Once complete, your profile allows you to rate your landlord – it's how we're building a growing, vibrant landlord base across the country.

HouseME kills unfair discrimination and allows you to happily rent your ideal home; online and for free.

Benefits of using HouseME

  • Pay nothing at all. Yes, HouseME's services entirely free for you.
  • Pay only one month's deposit.
  • Access verified properties from credible landlords.
  • Prove you are a great tenant over time to receive rewards and better deals.
  • Incentivise good conduct from your landlords via our ratings system.
  • Know exactly when a rental is available.
  • Take your time to place an offer that feels right to you – no need to rush to put down a deposit.
  • Use an easy, automated application process with no duplication of documents and completely online.
  • Follow a fair and transparent verification process, allowing for no tenant discrimination.
  • 100% deposit paid back in cash for great tenants.
  • On-call emergency services are always less than two hours away.

Rental Documents

Would you like to download our best-in-class Lease Agreement? Access a selection of useful documents here.


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