HouseME COVID-19 policy

In light of the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19, HouseME is undertaking special measures to help prevent the spread of this virus amongst our tenants, landlords, HouseME Helpers and staff.

As digital renting specialists, HouseME’s team continues to work remotely to provide tenants, landlords and Helpers all the support they need to navigate the uncertain times ahead. Due to the national lockdown period, we’re obliged to make a number of changes to ensure safety and compliance for all: 

Special measures during level 3 of the lockdown

Amended lockdown level 3 guidelines as per gazetted regulations for 1st June 2020:

Restrictions on movement

  • All are to remain home, working remote wherever possible. Travel is however permitted for work, to purchase goods, for education, for exercise and to seek medical care.
  • This includes to move primary residence – and therefore you are able to move homes from 1 June without requiring a permit.
  • There are no curfews on times for movement between primary residences.

What you’ll need to have on you when you move 

  • You no longer need a permit to move, nor do you need any documentation to transport your furniture and goods.
  • HouseME recommends however that you have your lease accessible, in case a law enforcement officer asks you to produce evidence for the purpose of your travel. The lease agreements should indicate the dates of expiry and commencement.
  • Inter-provincial travel for the purpose of moving to a new place of residence is permitted, but you must be in possession of a signed, stamped affidavit (“Form six”). We suggest that you show your affidavit and cite regulation 33(4)b if stopped and queried between provinces.

How to get your “Form 6” inter-provincial relocation permit approved 

  1. Download the form here and print it. 
  2. Head to your nearest police station to fill it in and get it stamped by the officer on duty.
  3. You’ll need to have following documents and information with you at the police station:
    • Your ID documents
    • Your expiring lease agreement
    • Your new (commencing) lease agreement
    • A list of affected people (and their ID numbers) that will be travelling with you in order to make the move. This must include tenants and company personnel
    • Your, and your affected people’s contact details: mobile numbers and email addresses
    • The addresses of where you are moving from and relocating to 

Lockdown level 3 policies at HouseME from 1st June 2020:


  • Inspections will proceed with a maximum of two tenants in attendance.
  • Sanitisers and masks must be used throughout the inspection.
  • All physical contact between people must be avoided.
  • A safe distance of 1.5m between people must be maintained at all times.
  • We encourage attendees to take private transport to and from inspections where possible.


  • HouseME has collected video walk-throughs of a number of properties so that tenants can get a sense of the property without having to attend a physical viewing.
  • Landlords are encouraged to take a video walk-through as soon as they can – see some useful tips here.
  • Viewings will proceed with a maximum of two prospective tenants in attendance.
  • Sanitisers and masks must be used throughout the inspection.
  • All physical contact between people must be avoided.
  • A safe distance of 1.5m between people must be maintained at all times.

Emergency maintenance services (e.g. plumbing or electrical work)

  • Services have remained available throughout all levels of lockdown.
  • In addition, non-emergency maintenance requests will now be processed.

HouseME Helpers

  • For their protection and yours, our HouseME Helpers will make use of hand sanitiser and wear masks for all viewings, inspections and key hand-overs.
  • In addition, our HouseME Helpers will go through regular symptom screening.
  • If any flu-like symptoms are self-identified, HouseME Helpers are able to cancel their obligation without negative impact on their standing at HouseME.
  • Please be considerate to our network of heroes who are out on the front-line to offer you the best service possible under the circumstances. We are working hard to support them – and you – in this trying time.

HouseME’s online services will continue. Our staff is working remotely to serve you, so please do bear with us in the event of dropped calls or network interruptions. Per the latest regulation, when HouseME’s offices do reopen, the company will comply fully with Section 47 of the regulations. This will include a designated COVID-19 compliance officer overseeing all precautions and office requirements mandated.


Please note that a number of HouseME services are provided by our online portal, including automated communications which go out to customers. Where automated communications contradict level 3 of the national lockdown, please use the advice above as our over-riding guidance.


As the national situation evolves, we will continue to revise our policies. Do keep checking back here for the latest at any point in time. In the meantime, please rest assured that throughout this trying time, HouseME will remain focused on pursuing excellence in our service to you: supporting our landlords, tenants and our network of Helpers to continue bringing you safe, smart leases across the country.


From us all at HouseME, we wish you a safe few weeks ahead.

Ben Shaw