Privacy Policy

HouseME is entirely transparent in the way it operates, and expects to serve only the best tenants and landlords who agree to being the same. See our full privacy policy below, and our terms and conditions here


HouseME Rental (Pty) Ltd (HouseME) respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. HouseME has a legal duty to protect any personal information or data collected from you. This privacy policy sets out the ways in which your personal data is obtained and stored by HouseME, and the conditions on which HouseME may use that data and information.


a. Information which the User provides upon registration
 i. In order to make use of certain services offered on the Website, the User will need to:
 ii. Register an account with HouseME: By doing so, the User is required to provide personal information;
 iii. Once a User has been registered and is able to log on to the Website through his personal account, further information will be provided during the login process;
 iv. All User information collected will be used according to the instructions of each User, provided during registration of a personal account.
b. Information provided during the tender process
 i. Each time that a User places an advertisement for a specific property, he will be required to provide information, which will be made available to the prospective tenants interested in placing a tender on that specific property.
c. Demographic and other data
 i. This Website uses cookies, web analytics and web logs to collect information about your use of our site, information about your mobile device (Device) such as your Device’s IP address and browser type, demographic data and, if you arrived at our site via a link from a third party site, the URL of the linking page. If you have registered an account with us, it may also collect your name and email address. The data collected through cookies, web analytics and web logs may be transferred to third parties. For more information on how this Website uses cookies, see our cookie policy.
d. Information from other sources
 i. HouseME may receive information about Users from other sources (e.g. missing information about a User’s postal or email addresses) and add it to the personal information which we hold about the User.


HouseME owns the information which it collects through this Website. This information will be used as follows:
a. For purposes of conducting a credit check to ensure that a User can fulfil all financial obligations, that his credit record is acceptable and that there are no current or pending liquidation (or similar) applications against a User;
b. To provide the User with services or information requested;
c. To contact the User from time to time regarding his registered account with HouseME;
d. To confirm or reject an advertisement the User has submitted;
e. To monitor or improve the performance of the services available through this Website;
f. To customise the advertising and content that the User sees;
g. To monitor compliance with HouseME’s terms and conditions of use of this Website, enforce HouseME’s rights and protect the safety of others including investigating and, if necessary, removing any content about which HouseME receive a complaint;
h. To send the User promotional materials or special offers on behalf of HouseME or on behalf of HouseME’s marketing partners. Should the User wish not to receive marketing information, he/she/it must notify HouseME thereof during the registration process. The User can choose to stop receiving marketing information at any time by changing his marketing preferences;
i. For any purpose if HouseME is required to do so by any law or other regulatory or government authority; and
j. Should the User upload or post any information to a public part of the Website, HouseME may use it in accordance with the normal terms and conditions of use and it may be viewed and used by others. HouseME accepts no responsibility for this. By providing us with your personal information, you consent to us: (a) processing your information as set out in this privacy policy and in any other manner you expressly consent to; (b) processing personal data, such as marital status etc. (if provided) if necessary for these purposes.
k. Tenants applying for a lease at the V&A Waterfront agree to affordability and credit vetting by both HouseME and the V&A Waterfront.


a. HouseME uses third parties to perform certain functions on its behalf including fulfilling advertisements, sending emails, website analysis, data analysis, translation services and processing of payments. One of the third parties used by HouseME is Financially Free, which is hereby specifically authorised to use the information provided to them by HouseME. Financially Free will have access to a User’s personal information if necessary to perform their function, but they cannot use or disclose that information for any other purpose, unless specifically given consent to do so.
b. HouseME may also use one or more third parties to conduct credit checks on a User, for purposes of verifying ability to fulfil financial obligations, acceptable credit record and no current or pending liquidation (or similar) applications against a User. You agree that those third parties are authorised to use your personal information required to perform their function, but that they cannot use or disclose your personal information for any other purpose, unless you specifically consent thereto.
c. HouseME respects your privacy and undertakes not to sell, rent or lease your personal information to third parties. In the event of a transfer of HouseME or its assets, your personal information may be transferred as part of an acquisition, merger or reorganisation. We will endeavour to require any successor company to maintain this privacy policy but we cannot guarantee that it will remain in effect after such corporate action. You agree that HouseME may share your personal information with its affiliated or group companies for the purposes contemplated herein.
d. HouseME may specifically share personal contact information with other Users for the purpose of coordinating property viewings, such that Users as Tenant and Users as Landlord communicate together directly. You agree that this use of your personal information is permitted in order for HouseME to conduct its core services as described in its Terms and Conditions, and agree to permitting this take place by using HouseME’s services.


HouseME may share aggregated, non-personally identifiable information, such as demographics and Website usage statistics, with advertisers, sponsors and other organisations.


Throughout the Website, the User may be given the opportunity to receive marketing information which may be of interest from associated third parties. Only if the User elects to receive such information, will HouseME share the User’s personal information with associated third parties, who will only be permitted to use such information for purposes of providing the User with the requested marketing information. The use of a User’s personal information by such third parties will be subject to their own privacy policy and practices. HouseME is not responsible for the privacy policy or practices of any such third party. If you do not want to receive marketing information from associated companies, you must notify HouseME as part of the registration process. You may elect to stop receiving this information by amending your marketing preferences.


Certain products or services available through this Website may be provided to the User in conjunction with a third party. That third party may require the User to disclose personal information to them in order to receive such products or services. Should the User request a product or service offered in conjunction with a third party, the identity of the third party will be disclosed to the User and the User’s personal information will be disclosed to that third party. The use of a User’s personal information by that third party is subject to its privacy policy and practices and HouseME is not responsible therefor.


User information is collected and stored on servers which are exclusively used and or owned and maintained by or on behalf of HouseME, and its group companies. HouseME may keep User information for a reasonable period for the purposes set out in this privacy policy. Upon request, HouseME will remove you and your personal information provided electronically from our database, thereby cancelling your registration.


This Website contains links to a wide variety of other websites and HouseME displays advertisements from third parties on this Website. HouseME may monetise some of these links using third party affiliate programmes. Notwithstanding such affiliate programmes, HouseME is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of these websites or for third party advertisers (even if they use this Website’s logo as part of a co-branding agreement), nor for the way in which information about their users is treated. The User shall be responsible for ensuring that such websites have sufficient private policies before submitting any personal information to such websites.


In accordance with the requirements under the Protection of Personal Information Act, HouseME shall adopt reasonable security procedures to help prevent unauthorised access to User information. HouseME shall not be liable for any attempt to hack or crack or otherwise gain unauthorised access to any part of this Website including any of your information and you agree not to hold HouseME liable for any loss or damage sustained by you as a result thereof.


By using this Website, the User agrees to the terms of use and of this privacy policy. HouseME may amend this privacy policy and its standard terms and conditions of use from time to time. Should HouseME do so, an updated version will be posted on this Website. You will be bound by the new terms upon your continued use of this Website


This privacy policy is governed by the law of the Republic of South Africa. Any proceedings arising from this privacy policy shall be instituted in the appropriate court in South Africa and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Africa.


By using this Website and registering a personal account, you signify your acceptance of our privacy policy.


a. The terms you and User are used interchangeably and refer to all individuals and/or entities accessing this Website.
b. The terms we and HouseME are used interchangeably and refer to HouseME and all individuals and/or entities acting on behalf of HouseME.
c. The term Website means the website located at the URL www.House.ME and any sub-pages, mobile app and any other means of connecting to HouseME servers and/or services.
d. Words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and words importing one gender shall include the other two genders and words importing persons shall include partnerships and bodies corporate.


If you have any questions about this Website, the User information collected or the use thereof, please contact HouseME on +27 21 300 1944 or