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For landlords who want the option to access cash in uncertain times

In these tough economic times, we understand that access to cash can be critical. WithdrawMETM is a revolutionary product that lets you withdraw up to 85% of your remaining rental income. That’s right, instead of getting your rental income spread over the course of the lease, you can cash most of it upfront and spend it on whatever you need most right now. 

Rental home with upfront cash instead of monthly rent

How does WithdrawMETM work?

How to get your rent upfront instead of monthly
  • Transfer your tenant

    Sign up to HouseME for free and select "Transfer your tenant". Enter your lease info, select "vet tenant" and give us the tenant's contact details. Let your account manager know you'd like to opt in for WithdrawMETM.

  • We'll vet your tenant

    We'll get in touch with the tenant to upload their verification documents. Once we have received these, our verifications team will assess whether the tenant qualifies for WithdrawMETM or not, and let you know.

  • Evaluate our quote

    We will calculate how much you are eligible to withdraw based on your monthly rental income and the number of months you want to withdraw. If the price is right for you, submit your supporting documents for us to verify.

  • Sign, cash in and relax

    Sign our digital lease and the WithdrawMETM contract, and we'll transfer the funds to your account. You'll also benefit from all HouseME Home features like free call-outs on our network of maintenance partners.

What are the benefits of WithdrawMETM?

Get up to 85% of the remaining total lease value up front. Spend it on renovations, or whatever you need most right now.

HouseME has a world class vetting system, and as a result our rent collection rate is 99% for tenants who pass our vetting. In the unlikely event that the tenant does default, you will need to pay HouseME the remaining rent in their stead. To protect you in this scenario, WithdrawMETM comes standard with our Rental Guarantee. This will cover up to 2 months’ rent on top of the deposit, giving you time to find a new tenant.

When you switch to HouseME, our Home package fee includes our tenant verification, state of the art lease, industry-beating rent collection, deposit management, and free call-outs on our network of maintenance partners. Plus, when it comes time to renew your lease, we can process your renewal or help you find a new tenant.

How much does WithdrawMETM cost?

To benefit from WithdrawMETM, you’ll need to transfer your tenant to HouseME’s digital renting platform, which costs R145 per month. 


The additional WithdrawMETM fee will be the difference between the remaining rent to be collected and the amount you’re able to withdraw. This depends on your monthly rental value and the number of months you want to withdraw. To find out exactly how much that will be for you, get in touch for a quote. 

WithdrawMETM can only be taken out as an add-on to our flagship rental products

 Available nationwide

Need help finding a tenant first?

If you are still looking for a new tenant, we can assist with that too. Our HouseME Home and HouseME Assist products give you all the tools you need to find a great tenant that will qualify for WithdrawMETM.

What are FAQs about WithdrawMETM?

WithdrawMETM is only offered to landlords who have low-risk tenants that have passed HouseME's vetting. For us to assess their eligibility, tenants will need to submit documents such as ID, proof of income, bank statements and proof of residence.

If your tenant stops paying, you, the landlord will need to cover the remaining rental payments. To protect you in this scenario WithdrawMETM is only offered on tenants that pass our strictest vetting, and comes standard with the HouseME Rental Guarantee. This will cover up to 2 months’ rent on top of the deposit, giving you time to find a new tenant. Further terms and conditions will apply once the Rental Guarantee has been exhausted.