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Rental Guarantee

For landlords who want legal protection in uncertain times

Even tenants in the best standing can encounter unexpected financial difficulties later on in the lease. Our Rental Guarantee guards your pocket by ensuring that you always get paid on time, even if your tenant pays late. And if they can’t make rent at all anymore, you get up to two month’s rent paid out on top of the deposit.

Rental Guarantee for landlords

How does the Rental Guarantee work?

How landlords can get guaranteed rent
  • Transfer your tenant

    Sign up to HouseME for free and select "Transfer your tenant". Enter your lease info, select "Rental Guarantee" and give us the tenant's contact details.

  • We'll vet your tenant

    We'll get in touch with the tenant to upload their verification documents. Once we have received these, our verifications team will assess whether the tenant qualifies for a Rental Guarantee or not, and let you know.

  • Sign, sit back and relax

    Sign our digital lease, and voilà! You'll benefit from all our HouseME Home features, like free call-outs on our network of maintenance partners. Each month we'll pay you your rent by the 7th, while you enjoy peace of mind.

  • If things go south, we're here

    Even if your tenant pays late, you'll still receive your rent on the same day as usual. And if your tenant can't pay at all, you'll get up to two months' rent paid out on top of the deposit.

What are the benefits of the Rental Guarantee?

It's much easier to budget accurately when your income reliably flows on the same date. And if you're paying a bond on your investment property, it becomes even more critical to have the funds in your account in time each month.

Even tenants in good standing can run into unexpected financial difficulties later on in the lease. In the unfortunate event that they can't meet their obligations anymore, at least your rental income will keep flowing while we help you find a new tenant.

When you switch to HouseME, our Home package fee includes our world-class tenant verification process, state of the art lease, industry-beating rent collection, deposit management, and free call-outs on our network of maintenance partners. Plus, when it comes time to renew your lease, we can process your renewal or help you find a new tenant.

If your tenant qualifies, you can also select our Eviction Coverage for only R250 per month. This ensures that if your tenant can't meet their obligations and you are forced to resort to an eviction, the legal process is taken care of and all legal fees are covered.

How much does the Rental Guarantee cost?

2% of the value of the lease

+ our HouseME Home fee, from R145 per month.


Our fees are charged only after the tenant is placed, or transferred.

A Rental Guarantee can only be taken out as an add-on to our flagship rental products

Available nationwide

Need help finding a tenant first?

If you are still looking for a new tenant, we can assist with that too. Our HouseME Home and HouseME Assist products give you all the tools you need to find a great tenant that will qualify for the Rental Guarantee.