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Introducing digital renting

HouseME is the digital rental specialist, offering a better way to rent, loved by landlords and tenants.

We currently have a full house! For a short period, we’re unable to accept more business, but we’d love to let you know when that changes.  Please leave your contact details with us so that we can be in touch. 

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First things first

Why HouseME?

Being a landlord isn’t easy. Finding tenants, chasing payment and general maintenance takes its toll, but paying a traditional agent to do it just feels wasteful.
Now, there is a third option. HouseME uses technology to make renting easier and more affordable to landlords. We manage thousands of properties, empowering independent landlords across South Africa. We help advertise properties, co-ordinate viewings, vet tenants, hold the deposit and lease agreement, handle maintenance and collect rent. All for SA’s lowest rental management fee.

The How

How HouseME works for landlords


Start by listing your property

Upload your property to HouseME’s digital platform and co-ordinate viewings in just a few clicks. If you already have a great tenant in place, simply upload them instead.

Find the right tenant at the right price

Using our data-driven platform, you will be able to select a fully-screened tenant at the right price. The goal is to maximise profit without your property sitting empty.

Experience stress-free rental management

From here, we do the deposit, lease agreement and rental collection while you watch from your dashboard. If you need access to maintenance partners, you’ve got it. If you want more peace of mind, you can always add on our Rental Guarantee or Eviction Coverage.

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The Good Stuff

Offering landlords great benefits.

For only 3.5% of your rental income HouseME gives you all the necessary support, from vetting to collecting rent to connecting you with our maintenance providers.

We attract thousands of tenants each month, and our world-class screening process ensures you get a great one, so you can start each new lease with total peace of mind.

For just an additional 2%, HouseME can keep your income flowing even if your tenant pays late or not at all. This works for up to two months of non-payment over and above your deposit. And our Eviction Coverage adds even more peace of mind.

HouseME uses data, not hunches, to determine pricing. Tenants place competing offers on your property, and thousands of others, giving you real-time insights into the best rental price. This tech allows you to set a price that maximises your return and minimises your property vacancy.

You’re able to manage all your properties, payouts, tenants, applications and viewings at any time from within a single online dashboard. It’s simple and smart.

Get free callouts and manage payments through HouseME, making inconvenient maintenance issues a thing of the past.

If you’re in Cape Town or Joburg, HouseME’s Assist Package can take care of property photography, hosting tenant viewings, key handover, an ingoing inspection and emergency maintenance.

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