The New Way To Rent

HouseME for Landlords

Being a residential property landlord often means having to deal with difficult tenants and late (or absent) rental payments – all while paying high agent fees. Not only is this stressful and a waste of your time, but results in poor returns on your investment.

What if you could get access to dream tenants? What if your rent was guaranteed, and set at the best price possible?

HouseME is here for you. Get access to dream tenants, guaranteed rental and the best possible rental price in just a few quick clicks.

How it works

List your property on HouseME's platform which we will make visible for prospective tenants across the country. We vet, screen and credit-check tenants who may then bid on your property. This could increase your rental price beyond what you listed it at: we call this an upside, and we've experienced an average 9% increase for landlords on our platform. HouseME takes care of the digital lease, deposit and collections, and we are so confident in the HouseME tenant placed for you, we even guarantee their rental payments!

HouseME charges 2.5% only, and gives you 75% of any upside we generate. We also offer packaged services on demand.

HouseME not only takes the hassle out of managing a property rental, we also are incentivised to increase your monthly rental, and still charge less than archaic rental agencies.

HouseME Packages for Landlords

Compare us to any other rental management company in the country and we'll show you why we're superior. Have a look at what we offer:


Only 2.5% + shared upside* once-off

  • Online property marketing
  • Tenant communication
  • Viewing coordination
  • Transparent bidding mechanism
  • Tenant screening and credit vetting
  • Leasing documentation and amendments
  • Deposit management
  • Payments collection
  • Access to trusted HouseME partners
  • Tech support


Platform fees + R3,200 once-off

  • Everything in HouseME Placement, plus:
  • Emergency call-out response
  • Tenant query management
  • Maintenance
    • Quotations
    • Settlement of contractor payments
    • Access to HouseME project management team, charged separately
  • Payment of variable property-related bills

Kindly note that HouseME Packages are currently offered in specific areas only.
* Increased in rental based on the transparent bidding mechanism.


HouseME's long list of features offers tremendous benefits to each and every property owner or manager. See how we make your life easy.


Just 2.5%, and a share in any bidding upside. Sound too good to be true? See what this looks like in practicality.

Rental Documents

Download all of the documents you'll find useful — from rental calculators to our lease agreement, access the full selection here.


Think your query may have been asked before? Have a look at our FAQ guide, for succinct answers.