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About HouseME

We want to live in a world where good people get the best out of life. So we're building it, one home at a time.

For too long, residential rental has been a broken system. HouseME has focused on rewriting the rules, solving common issues experienced by both residents and landlords, and redefining the landlord / tenant relationship, offering our platform and expertise for only 2.5%.

Founded in Cape Town by Ben Shaw and Kyle Bradley in 2016, HouseME is reshaping the South African rental marketplace. Disruptors in the industry, HouseME is set up to serve and support tenants and provide more to landlords across the country — both private and institutional — with complete transparency, underpinned by technology.

HouseME’s easy-to-use portal connects prospective tenants to properties, allowing you to view, place an offer and apply effortlessly. Our transparent PlaceME® pricing tool is designed to maximise returns and minimise vacancy for landlords, while also maximising affordability and choice for tenants.

HouseME Rentals is proud of our regulatory efforts which provide peace of mind for all our users. For more information on using HouseME, see our T and C's and Privacy Policy.

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We are here to empower you and offer services far beyond those which you have experienced from other archaic offerings. Get in touch so we can help you be part of the new way to rent.

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