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Gone are the days of putting up with admin hassle or taking risks to rent. HouseME uses technology to make renting easier and more affordable for all. Our rental products and services are innovative, trusted, and loved by landlords and tenants alike.

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Game-changing products for landlords

Rental Guarantee

HouseME keeps your income flowing on time even if your tenant pays late. And if your tenant stops paying, you get up to two months rental paid out over and above your deposit. All for just 2% of the lease value.

Eviction Coverage

Via our partners at Marlon Shevelew & Associates, you’ll be helped through any potential tenant eviction, with all of the associated legal costs fully covered. Get peace of mind for a flat fee of just R250 per month.

Rental Management

Our rental collection rate is ~99% on tenants that pass our vetting. You get free call-outs with our 24/7 maintenance partners. If you’re still looking for a tenant, list your property and we’ll advertise on multiple marketplaces simultaneously. All at the unbeatable fee of 3.5%.

Ground-breaking products for tenants


HouseME lets you pay a little more each month to secure your dream home without paying a security deposit at all. Landlords, in turn, take no risk as they are covered by HouseME for the value of the deposit.


You can also make a flexible deposit payment plan, with a portion paid upfront and a portion paid over the course of the lease. A South African first and exclusive to HouseME!

Rental Management

HouseME keeps your deposit safe and our lease protects you from any nasty surprises later on. You can also log any maintenance issues with HouseME’s maintenance partners, 24/7.

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