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Create a good first impression for your rental property

As consumers, we tend to fall in love at first sight and make decisions based on the warm fuzzy feeling that we get in our hearts. That is why investing in improving the first impression of your rental home, is definitely worth it. It is no secret that tenants are spoilt for choice at the moment, so a few simple changes to your rental home could help garner up some interest and help your property put its best foot forward.

We have compiled 6 cost-effective ways to improve your rental property- without breaking the bank.

1. Frequent face-lifts

Try to never let your home be the shabbiest looking place on the block. Your rental needs to stand out, or at the very least fit in with the other homes surrounding it. If you are not in a complex, always keep the exterior paintwork of your rental looking fresh and clean. Before splashing a coat of paint on those walls, do a little research and invest in a good durable quality paint that will save you a lot of money in the long run. You don’t want to use cheap paint that will fade in the heat of the summer or look washed out after a rainy season. Colour creativity is a skill best used when sprucing up the interior of your house, but it is always a better idea to keep the exterior of the rental a neutral colour. Unless of course your property is built in a row of colourful homes- then, by all means, yours can be the prettiest shade of pink. You can avoid spending on labour costs, and rather watch some DIY videos on how to paint those walls yourself.

2. Trim those bushes

Not everyone is passionate about gardening, and this can result in the grass and shrubs becoming overgrown and looking really untidy. If your rental property has a garden, try to ensure that the garden will be easy to maintain by your tenants. Properties that need a professional gardening service every second week can get really expensive as it adds up quickly.  Paving can cut down on the need to constantly trim the grass and water the garden, so that is a low maintenance option to also consider.

3. Where does this door lead to?

I have seen front doors of haunted houses in horror movies and thought to myself, that if the door to the house looks like that, then I would rather not enter! Don’t let that be the first impression for your future tenant. A little paint or varnish and a beautiful doorknob on a front door can make you feel so welcomed and excited to enter a home.

4.  Size matters

Paying attention to small details can make a huge difference. Light fittings and switches, tap fittings, door handles and cupboard doorknobs can make any home feel like a treasure. Taking a little extra out of your budget to attend to those finer details can take your rental from basic to brilliant. Try to make sure that the fittings inside of your rental have a common similarity throughout the house. For example, the bathroom tap fittings should be similar to the kitchen tap fittings and try to keep the light fittings the same throughout the house.

5. Check your closets

Your built-in wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets don’t need to be plain and basic. They also deserve a makeover which can easily be done with some paint. A simple paint job can change an outdated look to a more contemporary one. Don’t forget to also to check that all of that the hinges are sturdy and that the shelving inside the cupboards is secure. If you are painting in the bathroom, be sure to choose the correct paint. Steam and moisture can test durability, and even cause the paint on the cabinets to crack and peel.

6. Make a good first impression

Like any makeover, the pictures at the end is the best part. High-quality photos and good angles will highlight the beauty of the house. Never list your property online with poor photos. This will defeat the purpose. Always pay attention to the lighting in the photos and ensure that there isn’t any clutter. Those photos will be the first impression that your future tenant will be getting, and you want them to make a statement. Get some tips on how to take professional pictures here.

Get an advance on your rent and invest in some upgrades

If you really wish to splurge a bit on your rental and you need a fast cash injection we have a simple solution for you. Just by being a HouseME Landlord, you could qualify for a product called WithdrawME™ where you could get up to 85% of your remaining rental income paid to you in lump sum upfront.
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How would you upgrade your property?

Whether you choose to make use of a WithdrawME™ cash injection or to stick to your budget, by following these 6 tips on home improvement, you can bet your rental will always be one of the hottest on the block.
If you had the budget, what kind of upgrades would you make to your property? Do you have any other tips to create a good first impression? We’d love to hear from you so let us know in the comments below.




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