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Updated regulations on residential moves during lockdown


“The government amended the regulations around residential movements on 14 May 2020 and this affects tenants and landlords.”


HouseME welcomes the lifting of certain previously gazetted regulation constraining the movement of tenants between primary residences. In case you missed it, just one week after the 7 May directives were announced, these have been repealed and replaced by the latest regulations (download here).

We’ve summarised what you need to know

1. New leases 

  • You are now able to enter into new leases and move during level 4

2. Move-ins and move-outs are now allowed under Level 4 (the limited window has fallen away)

  • Government allows for a once-off movement between primary residences and between company office locations whilst we are under Level 4 Lockdown.
  • This means that persons who entered into leases before or during lockdown Level 4 may move to their new residence, provided that they comply with any transport directives concerning movement.
  • Goods may be transported, but these are limited to office and household furniture and effects.
  • If HouseME was hosting viewings and holds the keys for the property, we will help arrange key hand-over.
  • Landlords are not specifically enabled to travel to host viewings.

3. What you’ll need to have on you when you move 

  • Some form of identification, like an ID card or passport.
  • A signed “Form 1” relocation permit, stamped by the police, giving you authorisation to relocate. Click  here to download a printable version of the form, and see below for how to get it approved.
  • Copies of the lease agreements (which indicate the dates of expiry, and commencement).

4. How to get your “Form 1” relocation permit approved 

  1. Download the form here and print it.
  2. Head to your nearest police station to fill it in and get it stamped by the officer on duty.
  3. You’ll need to have following documents and information with you at the police station:
  • Your ID documents
  • Your expiring lease agreement
  • Your new (commencing) lease agreement
  • A list of affected people (and their ID numbers) that will be travelling with you in order to make the move. This must include tenants and company personnel
  • Your, and your affected people’s contact details: mobile numbers and email addresses
  • The addresses of where you are moving from and relocating to

See our fuller COVID-19 policy note here with more detail on what is required for inspections, emergency services and viewings.

We are committed to making your move as smooth as possible

We acknowledge the frustration that landlords, tenants and agencies all share with regards to the lack of clarity of these regulations. We remain committed to providing regular updates and serving you all safely and within the law. We are grateful for the direction that the regulations are going – and look forward to upcoming announcements expected later in May.   


Ben Shaw  



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