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Tools that can help fix anything around the outside of the house


So, you’ve been looking at your home recently and have noticed that it’s not looking too peachy. It’s basically needing a bit of a facelift or even just a slight need of some TLC. You have decided to take the challenge and complete some of the basic fixes yourself.


How hard can it be? Well, keep reading as we can provide helpful insights on what tools can help you fix up your beloved home.

Assess if your start is DIY friendly before you start

The first thing to complete is the assessment of what needs to be fixed, cleaned, built, or even just a fresh lick of paint, the assessment is the most important aspect to the beginning of any project. Always consider if you can manage the project and have not put yourself in a position that the task is too great.

9 tools that can help you fix anything on the outside of your house

If you are comfortable that you can complete the task, then it’s time to gather the tools that you need. Depending on the scope of your project, consider that this particular part of the home is for the outside and the following tools should always be considered.

Basic tools for every DIY’ers toolbox

1. A multipurpose/adjustable ladder

These are the latest forms of ladders that are great for jobs in hard to reach places or quick and easy jobs.

2. A tool belt

Easy to slide around your waist to carry the tools that you using for the job at hand.

3. A hammer

Either a standard hammer or one equipped for the purpose of the project. Eg. Need to remove something that has rubber on it; best to use a rubber mallet.

4. Utility Knife

The utility knife is probably one of the most useful gadgets in any handyman’s toolbox. I certainly can’t get a job done without my trusty utility knife.


Utility Knifes are extremely helpful when you need to scratch off paint from paint covered screws, trim roof shingles or wood shims and repair window screens. This little guy might be small, but its uses are endless.

5. Screw Driver set

A star and/or flat screwdriver set

6. Adjustable wrench

Pipes find themselves in the most interesting places and a wrench is always handy.

7. Tape measure

Precision is critical, and measurements always need to be accurate for any DIY job. A few centimeters are all that stands between you and the skew door hinge. This is why you’ll never see a good handyman do a job without a measuring tape.

8. Handsaw

Branches have a habit of getting into places they shouldn’t be.

9. Pliers

These can be handy for gripping and twisting difficult to remove items

Hot tips for beginner DIY’ers

  1. Always make sure that you are comfortable with the tools that you are using and testing each tool and their functionality is always a good choice before heading off to start your project.
  2. Depending on the job at hand, these tools mentioned above can be different depending on the particular work that needs to be completed.
  3. Once you have the basics and know what task is to be completed, make sure that everything is prepared.
  4. One of the most important aspects of completing a task is safety.
  5. If you are unsure of how to complete a task, consult a professional who can assist.


Generally, most projects that can be completed around the house can be done by yourself. Researching, learning via means of the internet, YouTube and local professionals can save hundreds if not thousands of Rands. So, if you are needing to remove some unsightly branches, remove unwanted weeds or want to replace a rusty old light, you have the basic tools to feel like a champion.

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