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5 excellent sites to list your property online in South Africa


As a landlord, I always dread the lease renewal discussion out of fear that my tenants will move on and I have to go back to the stressful hunt for a reliable tenant. Back to listing my property online, digging up those photos, remembering the password to the marketplaces I used before, and refreshing my research on which marketplace to choose.

Take the stress out of advertising your vacant property

Does this sound like you? Or is this your very first time renting out a property? Either way, I’m here to help.

In this article, I’ll be comparing the most popular online marketplaces in South Africa, and summarising the pros and cons so you don’t have to.

Comparing South Africa’s top marketplaces for home rental listings

1. Gumtree

Gumtree is one of the most popular online marketplaces in South Africa, not just for rentals.


  • Price: Posting a property for rent is free, but you can purchase boosted ads of up to R1,302 to improve the visibility of your listing amongst all the other options.
  • Includes: Your property is advertised for a month, and potential tenants can reach out to you via Gumtree’s messaging service.
  • Unique features: There’s a brand new section where you can post your video-walkthrough – ideal in times of Covid-19 where more tenants are making use of digital viewings. The ad goes live straight away, so you don’t have to wait for their team to review it. Instead, the site automatically assesses the quality of your ad so you can make improvements right away.
  • Why I love it: The foot traffic. Tens of thousands of property listings mean it’s an extremely popular marketplace and your listing is likely to get seen by many potential tenants.
  • Visit Gumtree for more info.

2. Property24

If you’re looking for something more specialised in property alone, Property24 is a great option. With its slick interface, tenants consider this a top destination in their apartment hunt.


  • Price: R415 for 3 months of property advertising alone. But for R1,795 you can get their ‘Assisted’ package which includes advice on your advert, tenant vetting, and other services to help you find a tenant.
  • Includes: Your property is advertised for 3 months, and interested tenants can get in touch with you via email and phone. It also has a nifty dashboard to keep track of your ads and their responses.
  • Unique features: If you’re not comfortable sharing your contact details on an online marketplace, you can pay a fee to get assigned an anonymous phone number for your listing.
  • Why I love it: Although it comes with restrictions on the quality and type of photos you can upload, the end result is a professional looking property advert that will put your property’s best foot forward.
  • Visit Property24 for more info.

3. Private Property

Private Property recently revamped its look, and listing a property is a breeze. Its reach is smaller though, so best used in conjunction with other marketplaces.


  • Price: One ad free for 3 months, R295 thereafter
  • Includes: Your property is advertised for 3 months and tenants can get in touch with you by email or phone.
  • Unique features: Private Property has hundreds of advice articles for landlords dating all the way back to 2008, a real treasure trove for the independent landlord!
  • Why I love it: It simplifies the search for tenants so they can see at an easy glance which suburb they would like to look in.
  • Visit Private Property for more info.

4. Facebook

Facebook used to be ideal for sharing your property advert with friends and family. But they now also have an online marketplace where you can post items for sale for anyone to see.


  • Price: Free
  • Includes: An advert with basic details on your property: price, location, photos and a description. Tenants can respond to the ad in Facebook Messenger. Facebook also has a number of local property groups where you can cross-post your listing if you become a member.
  • Unique features: Tenants respond with their Facebook profiles, so you have more information about who you are dealing with. The same goes for yourself – your name and photo will be visible to potential tenants.
  • Why I love it: Although there are fewer bells and whistles than the specialised South African property marketplaces, it’s simple and free.
  • Visit Facebook for more info.

5. HouseME

And then there is HouseME. They’re not strictly speaking a marketplace, but if you list your property with HouseME, they will automatically post it to Gumtree, Property24 and Private Property for maximum exposure. So, let’s take a closer look:


  • Price: Free to list but costs 2.5% of the annual rent once a vetted tenant has been placed.
  • Includes: Unlimited advertising of your listing across the main online marketplaces. Interested tenants can book a viewing directly based on your pre-set availability. They can also submit their application online, with a dashboard for you to check their progress in real time.
  • Unique features: Tenants can place competing offers on your property, meaning you quickly arrive at the best price for your property in the current market conditions. The service also extends beyond tenant procurement: HouseME facilitates the digital lease, handles the deposit, and collects rent.
  • Why I love it: Well, I work here 😊. But our landlords love us for our 99% collection rate on our vetted tenants, and our Rental Guarantee that covers up to 2 months rental income on top of the deposit in the event of late payment or non-payment.
  • Browse HouseME’s site for more info.

Increase your chances of finding the perfect tenant

To give yourself the best chance at finding a tenant fast, it’s a good idea to use a combination of a few marketplaces. It will take some admin to create multiple accounts, list your property a few times, and deal with the tenant responses. But it’s worth saving on traditional agency fees, and avoiding vacancy in the current economic climate.

Marketplaces tried & tested: here’s what really works

My own experience? Pre-HouseME, I used a combination of Facebook (local groups, not marketplace) and online marketplaces to advertise my flat. Although I paid to have my ad on the marketplace, it was actually Facebook that came through for me twice. Had HouseME been available to me, I can honestly say I would have gone with that option, because I could have used the help with vetting and rent collection.


My current tenants came to me by word of mouth: my previous tenants cancelled their lease early and were kind enough to recommend their friends. Phew!

Have anything to add to the list?

What’s your favourite South African marketplace? If you have another great lead you’d like us to review, or would like your marketplace added to the list, let us know we would love to review it! Simply comment below or contact us here.



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