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A glint of the future


It’s not often that we get a chance to reflect on our progress. And it’s certainly not in our company culture to rest, pause and admire what we’ve done. But HouseME’s next step is simply too exciting not to share and reminisce upon the past few years.

Where did it begin?

When HouseME began in 2016 it was Ben and I in his parents’ spare room, then we moved into an empty floor in a bank, and then to a concrete co-working space in central Cape Town. We grew from the initial duo to a team of ten in six months, and managed to raise seed capital. This allowed us to shed our mobile application and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) platform relaunching as house.me.


It was a slow start. A platform that connects people digitally, in 2017? And why would we not build our own marketplace? Many investors that we pitched to found the idea too far ahead of South Africa, and the chances of us making it a success too small to take us seriously.


Despite the pressure on tech companies to sell early or focus on B2B opportunities to improve revenue, HouseME fought to continue to serve the ordinary mom & pop landlord who had been disappointed by traditional agents, and to help the underserved tenant find a home.

What we have done differently

Fast forward to 2020, on the back of a global pandemic, and digital transactions over online platforms are the touted saviours of the economy. Companies that have been unable to embrace digital solutions and work through online channels are struggling. Tenants are under pressure and landlords are counting every penny. All of this forced many to re-evaluate whether the traditional approach is the right one.


We have also seen seismic change across the rental industry, with prices moving weekly, rental security changing monthly, and the job market contracting across all sectors. And yet despite this pressure, HouseME is proud to have stood by its Rental Guarantee and DepositFREE™ product offerings throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s never been a better time to validate our business, our model and our product, and our users are well aware. We’ve grown 300% in the last 12 months, and now boast almost 900 listings across the country. We’re signing on new business portfolio partners each month, and have just landed another round of investment capital. Now, all of a sudden, the idea of HouseME isn’t too far ahead of where South Africa is.

Our progress over the last few years has been undeniably worthwhile

Marking the occasion is our new product launch. It’s spectacular in its simplicity. All we’ve done is convert our functional product into a beautiful experience. It’s the same service, done more excellently. The same rental management, done more understandably.


The 2016 home page


Booking a viewing for tenants – 2018

The property listing page for landlords – 2017


Booking a viewing for tenants – 2020

The property listing page for landlords – 2020


We’ve taken the time to listen to our clients’ feedback, gathered our team’s input and read up on our designers’ best practice notes. It’s not only the design that has been overhauled. We are also proud of the work done behind the scenes, where we significantly improved the performance and stability of the system – making the journey as effortless as possible.


It’s not every start-up that gets to see this stage of business. In fact, now that we’re three years old, we’re part of just 10% of tech companies that have survived this long.

Welcome to HouseME 3.0.

We’re so excited to welcome to you to what we’re calling HouseME 3.0. A truly world-class user experience. Yet again, HouseME pioneering Africa’s new and smart way to rent.


You won’t be disappointed with what we’ve built. Have a look here if you’re already signed up with us, or register here for free to learn more about the new way to rent.


What do you think of the new roll out? Let us know your thoughts below!


About HouseME: 

HouseME Founders Ben Shaw and Kyle Bradley

We’re on a mission to transform residential renting using technology and placing data-centric decision making at its heart. We’re committed to be the smartest way to rent, for landlords and tenants alike, making the whole process fair and stress-free. Register here and start renting smart. 


 HouseME’s Co-Founders, Kyle Bradley and Ben Shaw.


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