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The best paint colors for leased or Airbnb properties


More often than not, bad paint jobs and overly bold colors can throw off renters during inspections. This is because statement shades may look beautiful for some, but a bit over the top for many. Hence, property owners often stick to safe shades when it comes to selecting a scheme for leased properties. Neutrals may appear bland but is often a safer choice that is welcomed by the majority.


With paint jobs usually under the responsibility of the owner, the majority of renters shy away from properties with bold hues as they can’t have it changed. In the long-term, this could pose problems for landlords, especially if the main goal of leasing is to earn money. To help, the below will talk a little bit more about the best paint colors for leased properties.

Paint can provide impact

A new coat can easily brighten the look of the house or room, but it doesn’t mean that you should paint your property with a neon color. A neutral palette is best for rooms, and colors like cream, camel, and pastel yellow are good in giving life to walls.

It doesn’t mean boring

Places can still look beautiful with neutrals. Using light gray, ecru, and soft yellow can make rooms interesting but still evoke a warm and homely vibe. If preferred, more daring colors may also be used in smaller areas such as bathrooms or storage rooms to add some personality.

Bad paint jobs

For properties that come unfurnished, a DIY paint job gone bad can make the interiors look jarringly cheap. If you’re thinking of painting your space, investing in the right tools and services is always a good idea. Though more costly, the residential property management team at Buttonwood told us that sometimes hiring professionals can give landlords a competitive advantage in the long run.

Use hues that hide dirt

White may be the go-to for most, but this choice usually makes dirt, cracks, and nicks more noticeable. If you’re thinking of repainting your property, go for subtle shades such as ecru or even light blue. These options will help in making imperfections less visible.

Use the right finish

Selecting the ideal scheme is one thing, but choosing the right finish is crucial. For outdoor areas, for example, some finishes can help in extending the life and look of the enamel.

Some terms that landlords should be familiar with include:

  • Matte:The most economical option and is ideal for bedrooms. This is also called flat paint.
  • Glossy:The shiniest option out of the lot. Best for outdoor areas that have more humidity such as garages, sheds, and poolside.
  • Semi-glossy: Ideal for children’s bedrooms as it is durable and resistant to markings. This also works well on surfaces that are often touched or soiled (e.g. cabinets, tables, and hallways).
  • Satin:Versatile and can be used anywhere indoors. This finish can also handle frequent wiping and scrubbing.
  • Eggshell:Looks very natural but can get dirty easily when wet. This is good for living rooms and bedrooms. Eggshell also works well on uneven or bumpy walls as it is already textured, to begin with.

Having good fixtures add appeal

Apart from having a scheme that most people will like, having high-quality fixtures such as shutters and curtains are an additional asset. Plantation shutters can add a touch of luxury to the look of the residence while timber shutters can provide charm.

Worth the investment

Selecting the right paint color, finish, and service provider can make a rental look more appealing and inviting. Fixtures such as shutters also add functionality and style to the rooms. With aesthetically pleasing interiors, individuals will be more likely to rent the space and extend their lease.


A fresh coat of paint makes the world of difference

When dealing with leased rooms or houses, it also helps to spend a little more to provide lessors more bang for their buck. Spend the time giving the space a good paint job, ensuring that the color palette looks good and that the fixtures are stylish. These investments will help boost the appeal of your rental, and garner the attention of prospective renters.

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