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How to get a permit to move residence during lockdown


The government ammended the regulation allowing for the once-off movement between primary residences.


We’re all growing weary of the toll of Covid-19 on our health, livelihood, and daily routines pent up indoors. And nothing screams cabin fever like having your lease coming to an end and not being allowed to move into your new rental home. Yet the nationwide lockdown explicitly ruled out relocations under Level 5 and Level 4. As a result, tens of thousands of tenants and landlords across South Africa have had to renegotiate their lease agreements in the last seven weeks.


If that’s you, we have some good news! On May 14th, an amendment was made to the regulations allowing for once-off movement between primary residence under the level 4 lockdown. This was previously limited to a once-off move before 7 June, and the limited window has now fallen away.   Before you rush to the streets, make sure you have all the required permits and documentation! You can download the full regulation here, but if the Government Gazette isn’t your idea of light bedtime reading, we’ve summarised everything you need to know:

What do I need to have on me on the day I move?

  • Some form of identification, like an ID card or passport.
  • A signed “Form 1” relocation permit, stamped by the police, giving you the authorisation to relocate.
  • Click here to download a printable version of the form, and see below for how to get it approved.
  • Copies of the lease agreements (which indicate the dates of expiry, and commencement).

How do I get my ‘Form 1’ relocation permit approved by the police?

  1. Download the form here and print it.
  2. Head to your nearest police station to fill it in and get it stamped by the officer on duty.
  3. You’ll need to have the following documents and information with you at the police station:
    • Your ID documents
    • Your expiring lease agreement
    • Your new (commencing) lease agreement
    • A list of affected people (and their ID numbers) that will be travelling with you in order to make the move. This must include tenants and company personnel
    • Your, and your affected people’s contact details: mobile numbers and email addresses
    • The addresses of where you are moving from and relocating to

Am I allowed to move my furniture?

Yes, goods may be transported but they are limited to household furniture and effects.

What kind of transport can I use?

You can use public or private transport but will need to adhere to the relevant Directions issued by the Minister of Transport.

What if my new home is in another province?

This regulation governs the once-off movement to a new primary residence across provincial, metropolitan or district boundaries. So you can move to anywhere in the country as long as you have the lease documentation and Form 1 relocation permit to prove your circumstances.

What if my new lease starts after June 7th?

We’ve received an update from the government and residential moves are now allowed beyond June 7th.  At HouseME, we’re following the rental-related lockdown regulations very closely, so come visit our Covid-19 page or blog regularly for the latest updates.

What do I refer to if the police ask me about my movements?

The government regulation is called ‘The Directions on the once-off the movement of persons and the transportation of goods for purposes of relocation and commence on 7 May 2020’ and you can download it here. You are perfectly within your rights to act on this new direction from the government if you have your ID and stamped Form 1 permit on hand.   Stay safe, and happy renting!  

Download a printable version of the Form 1 relocation permit here

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 7 May and has been updated reflecting the amended level 4 regulations  



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