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The journey of a property investor

We know how it all begins: playing around with a few numbers on a bond calculator. A budget was set, an investment home was found, you paid your transfer duty and now that sectional title property is yours. It’s a great feeling.


However, at HouseME we know that you are only at the start of the journey of turning your investment into tangible returns. Next you need to find a quality tenant. For a long time investment home buyers have had two options available: use a traditional estate agent to market and conduct tenant screening (for a sizeable fee of 1 month of rent), or do-it-yourself and rent without an agent.


Luckily there is now a third option that sits neatly between traditional agents and DIY-landlords. It is a new way to rent: through HouseME. For just 2.5% you get excellent residential letting services, enabled by an ever-improving tech back-bone. HouseME will look after your marketing, coordinate a viewing time, conduct tenant screening and credit checks and look after your monthly rental collections. Plus, for additional peace-of-mind, you can get a quarter-year rental guarantee for just 1% extra.


The journey to a quality tenant just got much easier with HouseME. We’re confident you will enjoy the journey so much that you will be back on that bond calculator in the very near future planning your next property, knowing that HouseME is ready and waiting to look after your investment for you.



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HouseME Founders Ben Shaw and Kyle Bradley
 HouseME’s Co-Founders, Kyle Bradley and Ben Shaw.

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