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How to get a permit to move residence across provinces during lockdown level 3

For all of you who have been extending your leases in anticipation of more clarity on lockdown regulations and the impact of Covid-19, here’s some good news: you are now free to move primary residences.
Unlike in Level 4 lockdown, it’s not just the once-off move that’s allowed. Your landlord or rental agency will also be allowed to conduct the inspection with you. And you can even attend viewings in case you haven’t found your next home yet.
Before you rush to the streets, make sure you have all the required permits and documentation! You can download the full regulations here, but if the Government Gazette isn’t your idea of light bed-time reading, we’ve summarised everything you need to know:

What do I need to have on me on the day I move?

  • Under Level 3, you don’t need a permit to move within the same province.
  • That said, it may be prudent (but not required) to carry copies of the lease agreements (which indicate the dates of expiry, and commencement) on you in case you do get stopped.
  • If you are moving to another province, you will need a signed “Form 6” interprovincial relocation permit, stamped by the police. Click here to download a printable version of the form, and see below for how to get it approved.

How do I get my ‘Form 6’ inter-provincial relocation permit approved by the police?

  1. Download the form here and print it.
  2. Head to your nearest police station to fill it in and get it stamped by the officer on duty.
  3. You’ll need to have the following documents and information with you at the police station:
    • Your ID documents
    • Your expiring lease agreement
    • Your new (commencing) lease agreement
    • A list of affected people (and their ID numbers) that will be travelling with you in order to make the move. This must include tenants and company personnel
    • Your, and your affected people’s contact details: mobile numbers and email addresses
    • The addresses of where you are moving from and relocating to

Am I allowed to move my furniture?

Yes, goods and furniture may be transported.

What kind of transport can I use?

You can use public or private transport but will need to adhere to the relevant Directions issued by the Minister of Transport.

How will inspections and key hand-overs work?

The government gazette does not cover these processes in detail. But we’ll share how HouseME is ensuring the safety of our landlords, tenants and HouseME Helpers, and you may feel free to request the same protocol at your move-in:

  • HouseME inspections are carried out with a maximum of two tenants present
  • Participants are required to wear a mask and use sanitiser
  • A safe distance of 1.5m is maintained between people

At HouseME, we’re following the rental-related lockdown regulations very closely, so come visit our Covid-19 page or blog regularly for the latest updates.

What if I am still looking for a new home?

If you’re still looking for the perfect property, don’t despair, there are plenty of properties on the market right now – including some gorgeous furnished former Airbnb units that are turning to long-term rental while the tourism industry is down. Here are some tips for finding a great home while staying safe:

  • Ask the landlord for a video walk-through or do a ‘pre-viewing’ via WhatsApp video. That way you can minimise the number of viewings you need to attend. If you don’t feel like asking landlords one by one, check out HouseME’ shortlist of properties with video walkthroughs available here.
  • At the viewing, ask to minimise the number of other tenants present, and ensure that all parties are wearing face masks, using sanitiser, and keeping a safe distance.
  • Opt for a property that is managed by a digital renting agency like HouseME, so that you can apply, sign and pay online – safely, securely, and from the comfort of your soon-to-be-former home.

Stay safe, and happy renting!

Download a printable version of the Form 6 interprovincial relocation permit here




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