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6 things to consider when finding a new home


Life changes happen. Maybe you have decided to move out of your parent’s home for the first time. Or you’re planning to start your own little family and you need a bigger place. It could even be that your current lease is coming to an end, and you are looking for a new home. At HouseME Rentals, we know that finding a new home can be very frustrating but don’t worry, we have you covered. We have put together some tips for you to consider while you are house hunting.

6 tips to take the stress out of house hunting

1. Location, location, location:

It finally happened, you saw an absolutely beautiful apartment advertised online and you know that you have to have it. One of the first factors to consider is how convenient it will be to travel to and from work or whether you will use your own vehicle or make use of public transport. How close is your new dream home to the nearest shopping centres, schools, medical facilities and great coffee shops? You also may not want to move too far away from your friends and family, making the commute to a dinner or a weekend braai a pleasurable one.

2. Security features:

Security is a high priority for most, and you do not want to jump out of bed every time you hear a loud bang in the night. If you are not moving into a secure gated complex, then check to see that there are burglar bars on the windows and a gate that can lock. Some rentals also come with an alarm system or you can reach out to your new landlord to find out if you can have one installed.

3. Can you afford the deposit?

Another factor to consider is if you can afford to pay the traditional one- or two-months’ deposit upfront. Most agencies also charge an additional admin fee so you will also need to factor that expense in too. Let’s face it, not all of us have large sums of money readily available when applying for a rental. That is why HouseME introduced a unique product called DepositFREE™ to help! All tenants that pass HouseME’S vetting process can choose to rent DepositFREE™ and move into their dream apartments without needing to put down a deposit.

4. Will they allow your furry friend inside?

We know that you love your fur-child. Not all landlords want pets living in their homes. If you are moving with your little (or big) furry friend, you will have to make sure that you are moving into a pet-friendly property before signing the lease.

5. Is the price right?

Some landlords have an asking price that exceeds the current rental trends as they may not have compiled enough research into the market before setting up their asking price. Since most rental agents will only consider your application if you are earning at least three times the rental amount, that leaves you at a disadvantage. At HouseME not only do we guide our landlords in pricing their property, but we also have a PlaceME® tool that allows tenants to place offers on the property above or below the asking price.

6. Deciding between a rental agency or an independent landlord

You want to be sure that the lease that you are signing has no hidden clauses. At HouseME, we believe in transparency and we are fully compliant in all the real estate and rental laws. Move into a home with peace of mind knowing that you are safeguarded against any unfair practices. Find out more about renting with HouseME here.

Be safe and find a new home online

There you have it. 6 things to consider to make sure you are making an informed decision when deciding on your new dream home.   Social distancing may be here for a while, but that does not mean that you don’t have options. HouseME’s digital platforms can assist you with your house hunting as not only can you find your dream home online, you can even request a virtual viewing of the property, apply and sign your lease from your couch. With all of the admin out of the way, you will be able to move safely.   Happy house hunting!  


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