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Forbes Recognises HouseME as one of Africa’s Startups to Watch: 2019

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 Forbes recognises HouseME as one of the continent’s startups to watch in 2019

Forbes Africa announced on Monday 1st July that HouseME was one of the continent’s eight top African startups, contributing in a vital way to Africa’s growth. This announcement was done in collaboration with Accenture, which ran an adjudicated competition over several months in building up to this announcement.

HouseME was mentioned alongside other massive disruptors such as Kenya’s MPost (www.mpost.co.ke), African delivery service Pargo (https://pargo.co.za), Rwanda’s Hooza (www.hooza.rw) and South Africa’s TaxTim (www.taxtim.com). 

  • MPost – standing for Mobile Post Office – converts phone numbers into postal addresses, and notifies users whenever goods are received.

  • Pargo is a multi-channel logistics platform that helps retailers solve the challenges of last-mile deliveries into places like informal settlements, and operates in several countries.

  • Hooza is a specialist digital media house, providing alternatively access to information and content. It broadcasts text, voice and video-shorts in partnership with major mobile operators.

  • TaxTim is an online tax assistant powered by AI, serving millions of users already and moving into both B2B and B2C customer segments.


  • HouseME was described as an online rental disruptor taking the hassle, cost and risk out of managing long-term rentals. HouseME allows landlords to list their properties digitally, vets prospective tenants and show them verified properties.

Of course, HouseME’s services extend beyond these, and include financial services such as our 2.0% Rental Guarantee, Eviction Coverage and Africa’s first DepositFREE lease option for residential tenants. HouseME also coordinates viewings, assists with maintenance and handles all incoming tenant communication for free.

Forbes and Accenture noted some very interesting points on incentivising startup innovation, and many of them HouseME is already engaged with, or involved in.

HouseME has found a number of large partners to align with, including Gumtree, Property24 and Private Property. This helps provide credibility to new ventures by building trust with users. HouseME also has a network of collaborators that it serves. HouseME offers both professional photography services (email us here for a call-out) as part of its offering, and procurement services with our landlord Assist package.  

By building out an ecosystem within residential rental, HouseME is also following best practice with regards to owning its own core digital infrastructure, enabling the company to expand securely and carefully on its own IP and controlling its product rollout. This helps control user experience and also impacts the community by retaining and developing these skills inhouse, rather than outsourcing and off-shoring.  

HouseME is delighted to be mentioned alongside some of the most well-known startups in Africa, and is excited to be recognised as delivering a new paradigm of rental management.  

If you’re a landlord, give your property the boost it deserves, by listing it on HouseME. I

f you would like to hear more, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Simply email: Ask@house.me

Remember to rent with HouseME: we’re creating a better world of residential rentals and we would love you to be a part of it.

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