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HouseME Now Offers DepositFREE Renting

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In life there are 3 certainties for tenants: deathly-long leases, large upfront deposits for rental properties and a sizable chunk of income disappearing to a landlord each month.


Well here at HouseME we don’t like old-fashioned certainties. And we certainly don’t like to do things how they’ve always been done. You can tell by the tent we have pitched in the middle of our office. Some call it a nap-pod, some call it childish, and yet others say it sealed the deal with our largest client to date. All we can say is, don’t knock it before you’ve taken a 3pm nap in it after a large lunch of your mother’s lasagne!


HouseME’s Cape Town Office Featuring The Ever-Popular Nap Pod Tent! 🙂


In a similar spirit, HouseME has taken a look at tenant certainties, and decided we’d like to shake things up. Deathly-long leases protect all parties so those will stay. Monthly rent? Well, that stays too. There’s no free lunch in life; only free naps in our tent.


However, deposits on rental properties deserve greater scrutiny. It’s like your landlord or estate agent coming over to your house and gathering up items worth one or two months of rent (let’s say your couch, your bed, a couple of throw cushions, your grandma’s old vase, your salt-shaker, a bottle of wine and the left-overs from your Sunday braai) and telling you that they’ll be looking after the items somewhere safe until the end of the lease. Just imagine!


Now imagine for a moment that you do not have to pay an upfront security deposit. Imagine that when you move rental properties and get your deposit back, you can keep that deposit. What exactly could one or two months of rent in your pocket today buy you? A flight oversees? A new wardrobe? A flat-screen TV? Your kid’s school tour? A new salt shaker to replace the one that was taken during your last lease? A month’s worth of lasagne? A tent to nap in? Whatever it is, cash-in-hand is always a blessing, and we get that at HouseME.


That’s why we have just launched a new product for tenants and landlords alike.


Tenants can now rent through HouseME without paying an upfront deposit. We call it DepositFREETM renting. Just pass HouseME vetting to qualify, and opt in with a small monthly fee.


Landlords will still be covered for any damages, unpaid invoices or unpaid rent (anything a regular deposit would cover) at the end of the lease, up to the value of what the deposit would have been. The difference is that HouseME will cover you for these expenses.


So what next?


If you’re a tenant, look out for HouseME properties here. HouseME employees won’t be coming around to gather up your grandma’s vase and your Sunday braai left-overs as security anytime soon – we’ve got a much better solution for you.


If you’re a landlord, give your property the popularity-boost it deserves, by listing it on HouseME.


If you would like to hear more, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Simply email: Ask@house.me


Remember to rent with HouseME: we’re creating a better world of residential rentals and we would love you to be a part of it.


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About HouseME: 

HouseME Founders Ben Shaw and Kyle Bradley

We’re on a mission to transform residential renting using technology and placing data-centric decision making at its heart. We’re committed to be the smartest way to rent, for landlords and tenants alike, making the whole process fair and stress-free. Register here and start renting smart. 


 HouseME’s Co-Founders, Kyle Bradley and Ben Shaw.


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