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How to ensure your tenants are happy and stop complaining?


Many landlords may have had their fair share of tenant complaints, especially in apartment blocks or buildings that share some common spaces. While some may be warranted, others not so much.


One of the key ways to ensure that a residential investment property is tenanted, respected, and taken care of, is being proactive as an owner, and not passive when issues arise.


The more regular maintenance, updates, and improvements that are done, the more value is added to the property will add value, while at the same time increasing a tenant’s longevity in a property, while also ensuring that landlords and owners are not left with a long, drawn-out battle at small claims court!

Most common complaints received by property managers and landlords

It must be noted that in many cases as a landlord, it is not just working with the property manager and tenant, but also a body corporate or HomeOwners Association – in the case of apartments or shared living spaces.


Outlined below are some common complaints received by landlords and property professionals in tenancy arrangements.

1. Running water and plumbing issues

Hot water and running water although maybe basic, are an integral part of complaints in rentals across South Africa. From leaking taps, water outages, through to no water pressure and hot water that runs out after one 5-minute shower.


Having a qualified, licensed, and expert plumber completing a full review, including instant hot water systems and received by showerheads that are compliant; can go a long way to proactively managing potential conflicts and complaints with tenants. If you have a leak, it is important to get a professional to review the issue before it becomes a massive issue.

2. Security concerns

From security screens, window screens, locks, and deadbolts that provide tenants with security in shared apartments and rental situations.


A property manager can advise landlords of the benefits of security screens and security systems in a property. Cutting branches and doing gardening upkeep prior to your tenant taking occupation will help reduce false alarms on electric fences.

3. Noise complaints

Often something that is often hard to manage, noise issues can include children running around the property playing, residents coming home and partying at all hours, through to builders and contractors leaving for work at the crack of dawn, all of which can have a negative impact on your rental investment and lead to tenant complaints.


To limit noise issues, where possible landlords can install carpets, noise-limiting window treatments, review insulation between apartment walls, or even double-paned glass installed to make a unit, apartment, or house a sanctuary for your tenants.

4. Animals and barking

As a landlord, there is very little that can be done about a neighbor with a barking dog, however, should tenants have a pet, landlords need to ensure that there are strict guidelines around the usage in your property, and recourse should damage be inflicted on your property.


Some landlords are known to be particular on what breed of dog tenants own before letting the property, as some breeds are certainly better than others, particularly when it comes to owners that are not home all day, with dogs being left alone for extended periods of time.


In some situations the body corporate can’t stop people from having pets, it’s just about common courtesy in many cases in regards to the noise from pets and barking from dogs in common areas.

Final thoughts

An apartment can be a great short, long, and medium-term investment option, the key is to understand the roles & responsibilities as a landlord, and ensure tenants understand their responsibilities as part of a shared building complex. HouseME specialises in managing properties and finding busy landlord their dream tenants. Let’s help you find that perfect tenant.

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