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How To Take Professional Looking Pictures For Your Property Listing

Written by Kath Gibbs, Estate Agent at  HouseME, Smart Property Rental for Landlords and Tenants. 

Why Good Photos Will Help You Find A Tenant Faster

When trying to rent out your home, the quality of your photos is undoubtedly the single biggest decider of the number of clicks your advert will get. This means that better photos mean more advert views and in turn, more advert views mean a higher chance of tenanting your property faster.

So how can you make sure that your photos are the absolute best quality possible, and the most effective in enhancing your property listing? Follow these 10 tips to go from drab to fab.

How To Take Pictures Of Your Property Like a Pro

From the perfect camera settings and position for real-estate photography, to how to best showcase your space. These tips will help you capture professional-looking pictures of your house or apartment for your property listing.

1. Take your photos in landscape mode (not portrait mode).

This will match the format they will be shown online and ensure that they don’t get cropped by the marketplaces when it is uploaded.

2. Let your photos tell the full story of what you are renting.

Capture every aspect of your property by moving through the interior methodically. Start at the front door and work through each room individually. Don’t leave out the smaller spaces, such as the bathroom, study or balcony.

3. Include everything that is included with the rental space.

Do you have a parking bay, a communal garden or a swimming pool? Remember that most prospective tenants will not have visited your property before, so make sure to sell every part they will have access to when living there.

4. Always take photos during the day, in natural light.

Good views sell! Try to capture the view outside through the windows and doors during daylight. Don’t forget to clean the windows for that extra sparkle! Avoid taking pictures at night, even if you put the lights on.

5. Turn off the flash

In real estate photography game, making sure you have the correct camera settings in place makes all the difference. If you are using a standard point-and-shoot or mobile phone, then it is best to turn the flash off as it uses a hard flash that can make the space look unnatural.

6. Clear the clutter!

No one wants to view photos that are cluttered – even when the clutter is neatly stacked. Not only does this imply the property is not cared for, but also distracts from the home itself. Take a few minutes in each room to remove any loose or unnecessary items. In the kitchen, make sure there are no dishes- even if they are on the drying rack.

7. Photograph in straight lines.

Try to ensure that your horizontal lines such as the floors, skirtings and ceilings are parallel to the top/bottom edges of the photo. You will be amazed at the difference it makes when the vertical lines, such as the walls and doors are parallel to the side edges of your photograph.

8. Raise the camera to capture small spaces.

Small rooms can be the trickiest to capture. Try to move into one corner of the room, raise the camera as high as possible and capture the floorplan from above. Use the same tactic to photograph the space from each corner, then select the angle that gives the best perspective.

9. Don’t forget about low-level shots.

If you have a large space, unlike the tip above, its best to try a few shots that are lower than eye level. This shows how the space can be filled and will make the space look even bigger.

10. Use the tools that your camera has.

You know what we are talking about. All the settings that you steer clear of. Some phones and point-and-shoot cameras have features that can be easily used, such as grid mode, panoramic mode and wide-angle settings.

Hot Tip: If you don’t have access to a professional DSL camera, a mobile phone with a built-in high-end camera will do just fine!

Make Sure The Pictures Of Your Home Look Professional

If you want your rental property to move faster, then make sure the photos are top quality. Don’t settle for average photos. You will be amazed at the difference that great photos make to how people respond to online ads.

Enlist The Help Of Professional Real Estate Services

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not a professional photographer, and that’s ok. If you need some help making sure your pictures look professional, the good news is HouseME can help! We offer a discounted professional photography package and are in the business of making homes look good. Email ask@house.me to get more info on our real estate photography services. 



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