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Modify your workout equipment and stay safe outdoors


There is something familiar about navigating the different levels of the national lockdown in South Africa. I’m reminded of the days of notifications popping up on my phone from an app called “Eskom Se Push”. Or reading the words “Day Zero “in a speech bubble that came out of a giant blue water droplet. As a nation, we have navigated (and overcome) challenges like load shedding and drought. This is why I am confident in our ability to adapt to our new COVID- 19 normal, together.
In level 4, we all missed our routine and the sense of happiness and accomplishment that came with our Fitbit vibrating in celebration because you’d exceeded the number of recommended steps per day. This feeling is the same for the person who enjoys leisurely walking in nature or those that are training rigorously to compete in the Iron Man.  I mastered Level 4’s exercise window in the morning and now I am grateful for Level 3’s extended windows. We are still only able to move outside within a 5km radius of our homes – but how do we #Staysafe while enjoying this freedom?

3 Tips to stay safe whilst keeping fit during the Level 3 lockdown

1. Brighten and lighten up

The sun is rising later as we are well on our way into winter so it’s pretty dark in the mornings. While there aren’t as many cars on the road as we’re used to, it’s still safer to wear reflective clothing or even to use a headlamp for the early birds who are on the road from 6am. There is safety in numbers so exercise with your family or your neighbour if you can. If you have flexibility at work and you are able to take a quick walk or run during your lunchtime break, Level 3 will allow you that freedom. If you have an energetic fur child, they will appreciate the extra lap around the block.

2. De-fog

If you’re like me and you wear glasses, you’re most probably used to exercising with them on.  But this mask induced misty view is something I still am adapting to. So many people have been experiencing this and so luckily, there are many tips online on solves for this.

3. Wear the mask

A Belgian-Dutch study simulated the presence of saliva and sweat particles that our body excretes when we exercise. They found that it is safer for people to move either next to each other or diagonally rather than one behind the other. This positioning protects you from walking or running into the saliva particles that the person in front of you excretes either by breathing heavily or coughing. Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth is mandatory for everyone when outside. Even for runners. Wearing a buff may be easier and you can pull it on and off as you veer closer to people.

4. Stay in your radius

If you are in Cape Town, you’d no doubt have been enjoying the great weather that we have been having the past few days. Even so, it is not a good idea to drive to Seapoint Promenade and exercise around a group of people. Now that the SANParks have re-opened and you can access the mountains again, why not go for a hike? Or even take a leisurely walk in Newlands beautiful Cecilia forest. If you’re wondering how far exactly you can veer off from the starting point of your home this app will help you to measure the 5KM radius.

We have always been a resilient nation

I remember feeling frustrated the first time I stumped my toe on the ottoman while scrambling in the dark to find batteries, which I had sworn I had charged, so that I could have some light during load shedding. I remember the smell of my hair which I had not washed in a week because I was adhering to water restrictions during the drought. Let’s be honest – dry shampoo just makes your hair dry, rather than giving it the clean feeling that shampoos do.
COVID-19 has brought up all sorts of uncomfortable frightening feelings as we navigate our new normal. We have adapted before, we will adapt again. At least we’ll be adapting on a mountain with a great view.



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