Renting a new home has never been so rewarding.

HouseME is the digital renting specialist, offering a better way to rent, loved by landlords and tenants.

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First things first

What is HouseME?

Renting isn’t easy, especially when you’re at the mercy of unfair application processes, or tight on cash to move in. HouseME was started to change all of this. We use technology to make renting easier and more affordable for all. Our digital platform helps you to find and bid on a home, apply securely, and put down just one month’s deposit – or none at all! We manage thousands of properties across SA, proving that the smart way to rent really is a no brainer.

The How

How HouseME works for tenants


Find your home

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll send matching homes your way, or head to any online marketplace and simply search ‘HouseME’ to browse what’s available.

Take a closer look

Found something you’re interested in? Respond to the ad to stay up to date on its price, what’s included and what’s not. Plus you can book a convenient viewing time with the click of a button.

Complete your application

Do everything online and paperless – from making a competitive offer on the property to the actual application form. It’s all seamless, simple and secure.

Move in

Sign your lease and choose between one month’s deposit or no deposit at all. HouseME will be there every step of the way – we even help with speedy maintenance response and future lease renewals.

Ready to join thousands of happy tenants

The Good Stuff

Finally, the benefits great tenants deserve.

HouseME asks for just 1 month’s deposit. If there is no damage to the property, you get the full amount back at the end of the lease, plus interest.

If you qualify for DepositFREE™, HouseME lets you pay a little more each month and secure your dream home without paying any deposit at all.

Unlike everybody else, HouseME lets you offer any price for a property - above or below what is being asked. This means you can score a super deal, or quickly secure the home of your dreams, all fairly and transparently.

HouseME’s application process is quick, easy, and can be done completely online. As a result, we have the lowest application fees in SA - which you only pay if you get the lease.

Every HouseME property is verified, and owned by credible landlords. All payments happen securely and online, plus your data remains protected by law. There’s no safer way to rent.

HouseME verifies tenants based on data, not bias. That financial verification, and the value of the tenant's offer, are what we present back to landlords, nothing more.

HouseME keeps your deposit safe in a secure account and uses a state-of-the-art lease to protect you from any nasty surprises later on. You can log any maintenance issue with HouseME’s vetted maintenance partner, getting the issue resolved quickly and effectively.

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